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Age Intervention Duality

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Jan Marini Skin Care


Stop adult acne with Jan Marini Age Intervention Duality.

For aging, hormonal skin, you need a formula powerful enough to address both acne and fine lines. Jan Marini Age Intervention Duality is a resurfacing cream that helps to combat blemishes, signs of aging. Its unique dual chamber dispensing solution combines some of the most proven, yet previously incompatible, technologies in one product. One chamber dispenses a formula with 10% benzoyl peroxide, plus a blend of anti-inflammatories, to banish acne-causing bacteria and soothe irritated skin. The other chamber dispenses a cream with 0.5% retinol, peptides, green tea extract and hyaluronic acid to provide much-needed moisture and target fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. The two may be mixed together in the palm to create the ultimate multitasking treatment.

Renew your complexion with Jan Marini Age Intervention Duality.